About us

About Us

At FurtherSpace.Party, we believe that there’s more to fantasy cricket, hence we created a MORE rewarding and experiential platform where everybody wins. We are obsessively passionate about it and it’s our aim to help gamers, be it a rookie or a professional, learn and earn their way to winnings, as well as be thoroughly entertained. Our motto is to give you an experience like no other, from the moment you step into our fantasy world and until you start winning for REAL! Wishing you a great time and may you be best team owners!


FurtherSpace.Party debuts from the house of FurtherSpace.Party, a leading gaming company in Bangalore which started operations in June 2012. The founders have always taken a passion to ‘kraft’ games which are user friendly, more rewarding and filled with fun elements. Hence, you will find that FurtherSpace.Party is kratfmanship at its finest. It is no joke that FurtherSpace.Party is seen as the fastest growing gaming company in the country.